Carnage Shatter

Carnage is an indica dominant hybrid strain with a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio. The strain has an astounding 21% THC content and it produces some of the finest buds to medicate with. Carnage is a cross between Grape Widow, Hindu Kush and Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and its buds are relatively larger than any other hybrid strain you may have come across. With its dark green leaves and dark hairs, the bright buds are nothing short of a treat for avid cannabis users. The smell is quite overwhelming, as it is a perfect blend of danky meat with grape and Kush undertones. The taste however is complete different from its smell. It is creamy, kushy, piney and will leave a grape aftertaste in your mouth. If you are expecting a roller coaster of a ride, you are in luck. Carnage is perfect for cannabis users who all are looking for an all time high as it is the finest strain you can possibly get your hands on. As soon as you smoke the strain, you will feel its effects overcome you in a matter of minutes. The strain offers a sensational body buzz and you will feel happy and euphoric at the same time. But then again, you may even exhibit symptoms of couch-lock and this is one of the reasons why Carnage Shatter is recommended for night time use. That being said the strain is also popular amongst patients who are suffering from medical conditions like stress, muscle spasms, pain, insomnia and anxiety.

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